Alberta Salotti

The company was founded in 1978, with the opening of the first factory for the production of armchairs for the office and the living room. It was characterised right from the start by a strong vocation for exportand close attention to customer needs.

The customer's product requirements have always represented the focal point around which company life turns, to which it always tries to respond with greatest flexibility and speed. In 1998 Royal Alberta was set up: this company dedicates itself exclusively to products with a ‘real leather’ covering.
Also thanks to the support of these specially created satellite structures, ALBERTA P.F. follows the production process from the design of the models up to the manufacture of the finished product. ALBERTA P.F. can therefore boast a wide range of models, as an element of differentiation, together with an excellent capacity for flexibility, elasticity and rapidity of response to the needs of the customers and attention to detail and finish




 "Porto-Fino interjera salons" 

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