Baroque style is dramatic and opulent, and can transform a simple home into something flamboyant. Used predominantly in Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles, baroque style boasts of bold colors, luxurious textiles, carved wooden furniture, gold or silver trims, exquisite art pieces and crystal chandeliers.

Wall Treatments

Achieving a baroque style starts with walls.Dark and bold colors such as deep red or hunter green to enhance the look of the room dramatically. Gilded furnishings and art pieces look more prominent against a dark colored background.

Using boiserie, a type of wood paneling with intricate details, will add character to your walls. Wainscoting and moldings added to the walls can give walls more depth. Choose wallpapers with bold and sophisticated prints such as damask and floral, embellished in gold or silver.Fabric wall treatments are also common in a baroque design. Gathering the top and bottom of the wall fabrics to create pleats can add volume. Embellish walls with mirrors similar to the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, where paneled mirrors hung wall to wall.


Using high-end materials such as marble or wood for your floors will do well in a baroque style. Wood and marble with inlay designs can add character and sophistication. Placing room-sized, hand-woven area rugs in European style will warm up and soften the room.


A baroque style room is not complete without baroque furniture. Furnishing a room with Louis IV-style furniture pieces with curvy legs and intricate carving, best characterizes a baroque style home. Sofas and chairs should have high-end upholstery. Classic baroque furniture may have gilding on the details to make it look more prominent. Crystal knobs and pulls finish the look of writing desks and armoire.


Drapes made with taffeta or silk and sewn in voluminous style will make the room look more extravagant. Choose woven and luxurious fabrics for the upholstery, window covering, bed cover, tablecloths and runners. Velvet and damask are prominent textile materials used for a baroque style.


Using crystal chandeliers with gold or brass fixtures is the best way to light up a baroque-style home. Hang them in entryways, formal dining and living rooms. Adding matching wall sconces and lamps in rooms that need more light will make the room more cohesive. Use lampshades made with expensive fabrics to complement the other fabrics used on upholstery and drapery.


Wall tapestries and paintings depicting the baroque period (1600-1750) complete a baroque design scheme. Use frames gilded in gold when framing paintings. Gold is a prominent color when choosing art pieces for a baroque style. Sculptures and vases should have intricate details.


Braided and beaded tassels can adorn curtains and upholstered furnishings. Embellishing items with fringes, ribbons and cords can add sophistication.









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