I have always thought that my ideas should be moulded from my hand and through the relations among materials and instruments i have discovered my work.
The heart of my factory is my workshop, my pattern shop with all tools hung up to the wall and tools arranged on my desk in the creative way of that moment.. This represents for me the pleasure of making and building up, to discover the treasure of the craftsman’s wisdome every day.

DISEGNOLUCE is born in 1987 in Gambellara, a small country village situated few kilometres far from Vicenza, the city is famous for its palaces, villas which represent Palladio’s architecture.
The meeting between the country village and Palladio’s classic (and handicraft too) architecture has created the aesthetic idea of DISEGNOLUCE.
A genius loci which meets again in the ordered drawing of Gambellara’s horizons, surrounded from the regularity of its wineyards. In the crossroads between europe and mediterraneo disegnoluce builds up his work in comparison with a territory rich of activities , ideas, technology and knowledge.
Both in accordance with and the brightness of a metropolitan loft, disegnoluce exports its models in whole world, so as the world has imported the Palladio’s aesthetic models.


 "Porto-Fino interjera salons" 

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