Frauflex® bedding company was established in Mantova in 1960. It has achieved its leading position by offering high quality beds and by satisfying growing expectations of both private and business clients. Over the years Frauflex® has become the symbol of 'good rest' by producing highly aesthetic and functional solutions that reflect current trends and the ongoing search for wellbeing. To ensure optimum quality of our product all stages of the production process from raw materials to the final product are carried out within the company premises and strictly controlled by specialised personnel. Apart from beds Frauflex® offers a range of high quality mattresses. To satisfy the needs of every individual customer the mattresses beautifully combine the traditional Italian style and the most up to date technologies. The vast range of products includes spring, natural and ecological mattresses (made of fully recyclable, antiallergic, breathable and shape maintaining materials). Apart from traditional bed covers Frauflex® offers removable and washable covers available in antiallergic and thermo-regulated variants. To compliment the range there are wellbeing accessories, small furniture items and bed accessories.




Currently  our web page is not representing the whole range of FRAUFLEX furniture collection that is on offer in our salon.


If you have questions regarding the products of FRAUFLEX, which are  not represented here, you can send us an email ( or get acquainted with catalogues and samples of materials (trim, upholstery ,etc).  in our studio in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. The company managers will listen attentively to all your wishes and requirements for furniture, and together with designers will help  think through the concept of the interior, choose the appropriate Italian furniture or furniture designed and made in any other country.



Find out more about the range and capabilities of our offers you can in our showroom, Gertrudes street 2.



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