Giorgetti S.p.A. was founded towards the end of the 1800s. However, it would be more appropriate to define it as a child of the 1900s, when the company grew through relentless experimentations which animated the social and cultural circles of that period. 

Designer furniture, like art and haute couture, also rapidly evolved through innovative and creative  elements which have taken their place in history. In this context, Giorgetti S.p.A. stands out for having always created furniture with a unique design and an immediately identifiable style.

Today, the institutional catalogue is made up of 110 collections which represent the artistic-cultural development of the company. Giorgetti is the history of a product which casts out predictability in order to realize exclusive and eclectic solutions, with respect for an instinctively elegant and unmistakeable character. The common fil rouge to all the collections is wood which, over the years, has been worked and fashioned, initially into a classical piece of furniture, and then evolving into a product which satisfies the requirements of contemporary living, while at the same time keeping the cabinet-making tradition alive. Today Giorgetti is the result of this path through history, becoming an incalculable patrimony.

Below, the historical evolution of the company is mapped out in parallel with the crucial events which have marked the art world. The picture that is painted is of a century of experimentation in new art forms and rekindling approaches to authenticity. Giorgetti is an exemplary spokesperson of these times, representing a constant attention to research and innovation.




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