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Modernindustria was founded in 1956 by Dr. Giuseppe Masolo, in Brianza, a well known furniture producing area located in the North of Italy between Milan and Como.Giuseppe Masolo, keeping in mind that his furniture would be dedicated to a special "niche" of customers, created for Modernindustria a line of products that were original in design and taste.In 1982 the choice of inserting the "Giorgio Collection" trade mark, was used as a vehicle for Modernindustria to open Galleries world-wide under this prestigious name.Roberto, Fabio and Elisabetta continued their father's work, bringing the products, the quality and the image to top levels, using the very best materials, services and designs the furniture industry has to offer.Forty smaller companies exclusively work for Modernindustria and their expertise workers make it so that only the best quality is achieved."Giorgio Collection" is based on personal level, thus allowing for it to reach the elegant, refine and unique "Italian style".

Luna collection-The evolution of the best ART DECO' with a modern look, ultimate in class and Authenticity of luxury and finesse.Accentuated curves along with the use of precious veneers, makes it so that this collection reveals the maximum excellence in quality, a fact already well known to all creations of the Giorgio Collection.For its making, finely selected, 100% true and very rare Makassar Ebony from Indonesia and English caramel curly sycamore are used, nicely combined with inserts in polished and brushed chromed and other refined fusions of stainless steel.The elegance and the authenticity are emphasized by rich high gloss polyester, enhancing the depth at the natural beauty of these rare and exotic woods.Luna Collection is indicated for only those true and unique Connoisseurs.

Paradiso collection-this collection expresses a refurbishing of the "art decò" look.PARADISO is skillfully crafted in a very rare brazilian Santos Rosewood with a silky 65 gloss finish.The natural colour of this exotic wood gives the collection a unique and elegant look, made to satisfy true intenders.Unique handles specially hand-crafted and brushed steel accents, shows the talent that Giorgio Collection costantly has in offering details, that make the difference.

Monte Carlo collection-This collection expresses the finesse of the Italian style displaying pure Decò lines.The furniture are skillfully crafted in curly sycamore and ash burl veneer with a rich, high gloss polyester finish in a dark moka tone, which creates a depth of natural beauty of these exciting and exotic woods.The collection is highlighted with appointments of polished chrome accents.

Picaso collection-Picasso Collection: distinguished by straight, minimalist lines that exemplify clean and elegance Italian design.The essence of rare Zebrano veneer expressed naturally in an open grain satin finish with rafined accents of brushed steel and glass.A fresh, fine, streamlined look of sophisticated and unique interiors: this is the Picasso Collection.

Rio Samba collection-This collection expresses a very luxurious post-decò look, where the use of rare crotch mahogany is the main attraction.The delicate curved movements create an attractive and eccentric design, an opulence and richness dedicated to only a very unique audience.A rich, high gloss polyester finish creates a depth of appearance that accentuates the natural beauty of this exotic wood.Elegant brushed handles and trim complete the refinement of this exquisite collection.

St. Tropez collection- a restyling of the traditional Art Decò lines, reseen in a more contemporary feel and look.The touch of finesse defines this collection thanks to the special hand-made polish with 80 gloss finish in curly figured sycamore in a very warm and rich "cappuccino" colour, with brushed steel accents.Unique handles specially hand-crafted by qualifyed artisans shows the talent that Giorgio Collection constantly has in offering details that make the difference.

Vanity collection- This collection distinguishes itself with a unique and eccentric look, characterized by elliptical shapes and unusual polished chrome cabriolet feet.Skillfully crafted in rare African Zebra Wood veneer and finished in a deep brown espresso satin finish, "Vanity" displays ust the right touch for a modern and sophisticated appearance.Door and drawer handles, posts and chairs' seats are made with a fine leather cover beautifully stitched for an elegant look and feel. Leather also adorns the dining table ends and base.

Vogue collection- This collection is designed for those Customers who love simple lines, but yet have distinct sense of luxury and uniqueness.We chose European Curly Eucalyptus, a rare but yet very precious wood, this to enrich the elegance and refinement of the pieces that make up this collection.Luxury and prestige come to life, thanks to details such as the very rich high-gloss polyester finish and the polished stainless steels details which enhance the essential design.The ‘Vogue collection” offers a complete lifestyle includes sofas & arm chairs dressed in high quality leathers and refinied fabrics, a complete range of accessories as: blow glass Murano lamps and vases, hand tufted wool and hand knotted silk carpets and special stainless steels lamps, exclusively ‘made in Italy’ for us by skilled master craftsmen.

Giorgio Collection offers a luxurious and elegant House expressing modernity and not forgetting the ancient masters of the ‘Italian Style’.



Currently  our web page is not representing the whole range of Giorgio Collection furniture collection that is on offer in our salon.


If you have questions regarding the products of  Giorgio Collection , which are  not represented here, you can send us an email ( or get acquainted with catalogues and samples of materials (trim, upholstery ,etc).  in our studio in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. The company managers will listen attentively to all your wishes and requirements for furniture, and together with designers will help  think through the concept of the interior, choose the appropriate Italian furniture or furniture designed and made in any other country.


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