Indian style



Do you dream of exotic India?Then recreate the magic in your own home.

Create a comfortable, and striking, oasis of calm to retreat to, inspired by Indian design styles.

Have you ever travelled to India? And long to recapture the exotic feel?

India is a beautiful country, full of gorgeous colors, patterns and designs.



Take a look at these simple guidelines:


Walls and Color

  • Rich and exotic colors are ideal for Indian style interior design.
  • A lovely warm color scheme will work best for this look – for examples jewel colors like purples, reds and oranges.
  • For small accents of other colors,can be used  gold or rich, deep green or blue.
  • If all-out strong color is not your scene, a really good Indian inspired color scheme can be got by using warm, soft neutrals – sand, beige, taupe etc – as a base.
  • Patterns are an essential part of Indian design – richly decorated wallpaper are the best solution.

          (Geometric or swirly patterns, floral and foliage designs,

          or that most famous of Indian shapes – the paisley)!

  • These rich colors and patterns will give a very vibrant feel to your room.


  • Choose dark hardwood flooring for your Indian room, or pale, neutral, ceramic tiles.
  • Add a beautiful, woven rug, with rich colors and Indian designs, to warm the look up a bit.


  • Choose dark wood, ornately carved furniture for an Indian interior design style.
  • Indian furniture is solid, rustic furniture in style – only slightly worn, or distressed looking. Solid (not dainty!) decoratively carved furniture will really authenticate your look.
  • The Indian interior design style is a very relaxed and informal look– so include plenty of cushions, pillows, throws and floor-cushions, to lay back, and chill out in style!

Fabrics and Accessories

  • Clever use of fabrics is a very important part of the Indian interior design style.
  • Use authentic Indian saris (they really are utterly gorgeous), batiks and typical, block-printed fabrics.

       Also try light, floaty sheers and silks – in white or in rich, vibrant colors 

       for examples - reds, oranges, purples and vibrant jewel blues and greens.

  • Accessories will really help you to get a gorgeously authentic, Indian interior design look.
  • Look for ornately carved wooden accessories, wrought iron lighting, candlesticks and wall-art.
  • Choose plenty of ornate silver bits and pieces – little pots, boxes, picture frames and mirror frames.
  • Also look out for anything involving elephants - ornaments, figurines, carvings, or prints and pictures.
  • Use Indian religious imagery and statues, to get a really authentic Indian interior design look.








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