Mexican style


Emerald jungles, palm-fringed beaches, whitewashed villages, gracious haciendas, imposing Mayan ruins. Mexican style draws on a rich array of natural, artisanal and historical materials.  Like the country itself, Mexican design is welcoming and colorful, elegant and quirky.



Mexican interior paint often features yellow or antique white walls. Sponge-painted walls may feature stronger yellows. Principle colors are typically warm tones, but accent colors include indigo, intense orange, rusty red and deep green. Kitchens sometimes feature busy tile work in multiple patterns contrasted with bright splashes of yellow, green or blue paint. Contrasts are welcome in Mexican decor--just look at a painting by Frida Kahlo or a Mexican vinyl tablecloth for inspiration.

Elements of Style:


Furniture: Mesquite, heart of pine structures.  Mortise and tenon and dovetails corner details. Large iron hinges, and multi colored wood inlays. A-frame tables,  armoires with heavy hinges and drawer pulls.


Fabrics: Hand-woven blankets and rugs. Brocade are seen in more formal spaces.


Floors: The use of tiles and stone are Mexican staples.  Rugs woven in traditional Mexican geometric designs or simple stripes, always with bold or vibrant color themes.


Lighting: Lighting is diverse and imaginative. One will find fixtures made of wrought iron, or wood. Candles, colored glass, pottery find comfort in this style. Wrought iron chandeliers hang in large, open rooms.


Accents:  Mexican style uses many different resources to accent the environment. From clay figurines, masks, candles, and pottery, to wood carvings and pewter objects. Many accents are colorfully hand painted.  Hand blown glass, often irregularly formed.  Silver frames are commonly used mirror and picture surrounds.






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