Enjoy a smart, relaxing, clutter-free look in your home.

Be inspired by live-able new looks. Modern minimal looks are softer, and easy to live with.

Do you wish you had a simple, soothing, relaxing home – that’s clutterfree?

If so, then a minimalist style could be just what you are looking for…

Although a minimalist interior design style is, well … ‘minimalist’, modern minimalist style is not the harsh, stark style of years ago.

The new minimalist interior design look is softer, more personal and easier to live with – perhaps the rules have just relaxed a little…?

You do have to be a certain kind of person to live easily with a minimalist look.

If you find it easy to stay tidy, hate clutter and are very organised, then this look may well be ideal for you.

For this style to work, you really do need to keep your home tidy, clean and totally clutter-free.

Here are the main keypoints about minimalistic interior:

Walls and Color

  • White is the ultimate color for a minimalist interior design look. White should form the basis of your minimalist decorating scheme – for smooth walls, floor and furniture.
  • For a modern, softer alternative to white, try neutral colors, or colors found in nature – choose pale beige, taupe, stone or even green.
  • Stick to pale and neutral colors for the whole of your color scheme, but accent colors are allowed.
  • Accent colors can be as much or as little as you like – from a couple of cushions or a vase, to a whole wall, or even a piece of furniture, like a sofa.
  • Choose one color (or color group) for your accent color, and only include this one color – don’t try to mix in too many colors, or you will lose the simple, stylish effect.
  • Bright red is always a great accent color – but other bright colors are really just as good – so just go ahead and choose your favourite bright color!
  • An alternative is to continue on the ‘natural neutrals' path – and pick a deeper brown or olive green for your accent color.
  • Don’t pick patterns or anything too fancy.
  • Although clean lines and smooth walls are a really important part of this look, you needn’t worry if you do have traditional or decorative-looking architectural features...


  • Your furniture should be classy-looking but streamlined and modern, rather than decorative or traditional in style.
  • Choose plain furniture in natural woods and leather, or go for bright colors, and ultra-modern chrome, glass and stainless steel.
  • Glossy textures and straight lines are a great look for theminimalist interior design style.
  • Low level furniture looks less bulky, and so really enhances the minimalist feel in your room.



  • Go for clean lines and hard surfaces for minimalist flooring – concrete, tiles or wood are all ideal.
  • Or go for that really natural feel with sisal matting.
  • You needn’t go totally bare though (…on your floor!). Add a little texture, warmth and ‘live-ability’ with a rug.

Look especially for modern rug styles.


  • Your windows and window treatments should also be kept very simple for true minimalist interior design style.
  • Bare windows are great – but if you like a little privacy choose simple, modern shutters or blinds.
  • If you feel like your minimalist look still needs a little more softening up to suit you, choose white voiles, muslins or nets, in straight panels or simple drapes.


  • Accessories are not a major part of the minimalist interior designlook – the whole idea is to clear out the clutter, and have as little ‘stuff’ as possible on show.
  • You won’t need very many accessories, but it is very important to choose the ones you do include very carefully.

        One large, statement picture in acent color will fully complete the image.



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