A very rich selection of fabrics, charis and beds with not only high comfort levels but also high technological content are part of Mussi’s DNA, a company with all the typical traits of what italian furniture is known and loved for.



The soft furnishings, strong point of the company and an expression for great technological and engineering capacity, have now been joined by a series of accessories.The furnishing complements are essential to complete the vision of a harmanious interior design.

Tables, coffe tables, consolles, bookshelves, and rugs that all have something in common,a strong character, never boring; a sofisticated research for materials and attention to their mixing: woods partially covering metal, crystal embelishing tebles, mirrors that create personal decorations with their reflections; a creativity that preceeds and indicates new fashions.

A Mussi sofa or bed, even if they are built for a precise functionality from the moment o conception are emotional creations and are very simple.A simplicity that is apparent, all new products are in reality the sinthesis of tradition and innovation, new materials and luxury finishes.

Rennovating, going beyond what has already been done. Working with style, confronting the unusual, with the knowledge of a traditional and a quality that make a Mussi a company that is able to offer the market a complete range of products, from the classical sofa to the innovative collection developed by a houte couture stylist.

Because MUSSI really is something more...




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