The story of  Novamobili began in 1952, when young Alfredo Battistella, after having learnt the secrets of woodworking in the workshop of a master craftsman, bought a small industrial building and started to produce furniture, working alongside his employees and friends. These were years of hard work and great enthusiasm, a time of new technologies and new market trends which Alfredo Battistella, thanks to his innate entrepreneurial spirit, tried out at his firm which was soon to become a benchmark for Italian interior design. The challenges Novamobili sets itself every day include that for sustainable development and the safeguarding of a vital heritage: nature. For this reason the company has prepared for itself a self-regulation code for the use of eco-compatible materials and is committed to increasingly reducing the environmental impact of its products and processes: an important contribution to the well-being and future of everyone.


Currently  our web page is not representing the whole range of Novamobili furniture collection that is on offer in our salon. 

If you have questions regarding the products of  Novamobil which are  not represented here, you can send us an email ( or get acquainted with catalogues and samples of materials (trim, upholstery ,etc).  in our studio in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. The company managers will listen attentively to all your wishes and requirements for furniture, and together with designers will help  think through the concept of the interior, choose the appropriate Italian furniture or furniture designed and made in any other country.

Find out more about the range and capabilities of our offers you can in our showroom, Gertrudes street 2.


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