Primafila Divani


The quality of PRIMAFILA sofas stems from the company policies. Policies which relate to selecting the best raw materials and the techniques and technologies with the highest performances.
Policies made known by PRIMAFILA with the utmost transparency.
PRIMAFILA sofas are made by hand. The company carefully monitors every step of manufacture, from building the structure to hand stitching of the upholstery.


To fully understand PRIMAFILA quality you have to immerse yourself in a voyage to the centre of the sofa to understand the meaning of quality, outside and in. This journey involves the discovery of the sofa you’re buying, one layer at a time.



First layer: the structure

The structure of a PRIMAFILA sofa is made up of materials selected to ensure longer-lasting life and comfort. The solidity of the structure is tested in a lab, applying various stresses and load conditions.
The frame, in solid wood and plywood, is covered with polyurethane foam and polyester velveteen. The frame is also made up of elastic straps, 53% of which are foam rubber and the remainder polypropylene. The cross weave and the space of 40/50 millimetres between one strap and the next represent the best response to the use-related stresses of the sofa.



Second layer: the filling

The fillings of Primafila sofas are in foam rubber or mixed down.


The foam rubber filling is made from polyurethanes, products of non-toxic synthetic origin, ideal for obtaining excellent insulation and resistant to mould and germs. The foam rubber filling gives the sofa elasticity and resistance. Thanks to the internal cellular structure with open, slim cells, the fillings are lightweight and breathable and sufficiently elastic to withstand all stresses without losing their original shape.






The filling in mixed down is made from the noble part of the coats of water birds (geese and ducks). Filling made in this way is soft, lightweight and breathable and provides the sofa with a soft touch and comfort.

Third layer: stitching 

Finishes are of key importance when manufacturing a quality sofa. This is why Primafila has all stitching performed by hand by specialised artisans.


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