Venetian style

Venetian interior design is inspired by the beautiful canals and architecture that flows throughout the city of Venice, Italy. From Murano glass textures to natural looking stone and marble finishes, a Venetian home design can be created throughout the home to add a sense of romance and class that is set apart from any other design. Here are some Venetian interior design ideas for the home to create a romantic setting throughout any room.


Venetian Interior Design Kitchen Ideas: Creating a warm Italian style kitchen begins with the use of rich textures such as a faux marble wall texture. You can create a faux marble texture throughout the entire kitchen or you can choose just one area to create the look such as an accent wall or marble countertops. Marble countertops can be created using a faux texture and countertop paint such as Rustoleum or one of the various other brands of countertop paint that are on the market. Swirl a light color with a dark color to create a marbleized look for a Venetian style kitchen.


Venetian Interior Design for the Living Room: The living room should be warm and inviting especially if it is to have an Italian flare! Reds and wine tones work well in the living room. Try painting the walls a deep wine color and use gold accents throughout the room. Add a Murano glass lamp on the side table or use sconces that feature Murano glass globes for a romantic lighting in the room.


Venetian Interior Design for the Bedroom: There's no place more romantic than the bedroom and Venetian home décor is the perfect choice for the bedroom. A Venetian style mirror behind the bed in place of a headboard adds a beautiful touch. Not only will it warm the room but it will also make a small bedroom seem bigger! For the bed, textured fabrics and lots of coordinating pillows will complete the look. Try jewel tones such as reds and golds or shades of warm sunny yellow for the bedroom.


Venetian Interior Design for the Dining Room: For the dining room, think about a gondola ride through Venice--You see the beautiful buildings, the water, the lights--Create this look in the dining room. Venetian plaster wall finish can reflect the light and dark tones of one paint color making it look like a natural stone or marble wall. For the wall décor, try a picture of a gondola, the city of Venice, or an Italian tapestry to really create a sense of Italy in the room. Add a beautiful crown molding at the top of the room all the way around to add some architectural (and truly Italian) style to the dining room.


Venetian Interior Design for the Bathroom: The quickest and easiest way that Venetian decorating can be incorporated into the bathroom is with the use of lighting and accessories. Venetian elegance in the bathroom can be created with a few Murano milk glass fixtures added to the room. Instead of using one large mirror at the vanity, try two Venetian style mirrors with ornate frames and sconce lighting on either side. Jewel toned frames in rich hues and intricate designs will create a whole new look in the bathroom!



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