Nestled among the verdant hills of Tuscany, the Volpi company reflects, in its direct and decisive character, the noteworthy features of this land and of its rich traditions of artistry and handcraftsmanship. Volpi was founded in 1959 as a small workshop specialized in the manufacture of chairs and armchairs, but the seeds of its success had already been planted. Over time Volpi would grow to expand its headquarters and manufacturing plant over its present area of more than 5,000 square meters. The Volpi family dedicated commitment and passion for its craft to its original dream, but the company’s success today is due no less to the superior quality of its products—quality that begins with our use of top-flight materials such as high-grade solid woods (beech wood, maple, etc.), our range of select fabrics, memory foam for our upholstered pieces, harmonic steel springs, ultra-resistant straps, and extra-thick plate glass.

The high quality of Volpi’s production is guaranteed by our use of technologically advanced machinery and by the fact that our finish work is undertaken entirely by hand. These elements ensure that every product evokes the unique allure that only expert handcraftsmanship can provide. Each piece is checked by trained personnel at every stage of manufacturing, and the typical steps in the production process, including lathing and inlay and intaglio work, are executed by skilled artisans. The pieces are subsequently painted in an automated process and then returned to our craftsmen for manual finish work and gilding. Upholstery and cushioning are also done strictly by hand. The result of this combination of automated and manual processes is an outstanding product whose class and elegance are evident at first glance.












Currently  our web page is not representing the whole range of Volpi furniture collection that is on offer in our salon.


If you have questions regarding the products of  Volpi , which are  not represented here, you can send us an email (idesign@portofino.lv) or get acquainted with catalogues and samples of materials (trim, upholstery ,etc).  in our studio in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. The company managers will listen attentively to all your wishes and requirements for furniture, and together with designers will help  think through the concept of the interior, choose the appropriate Italian furniture or furniture designed and made in any other country.


Find out more about the range and capabilities of our offers you can in our showroom, Gertrudes street 2.





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